skydiving is for everybody

The tandemskydive is the best way to experience skydiving as a first timer. There isn’t much you’ll have to do yourself, all you need is an adventurous outset and healthy dose of daring.

During your instruction our instructor will brief you on the jump. Then you board the plane and are connected to your instructor. At 3 kilometers the door opens and together with your instructor you jump. Before you’ll know it you’ll be falling at a rate of 200 kmh. having the time of your life!

unbelievably beautiful

During this amazing experience you will enjoy Zeeland from it’s best vantage point with views of the ocean, inland waters and the peninsula. The view is absolutely spectacular!

After 30 seconds of freefall the extra large canopy opens.

Together with your instructor you’ll gently fly back to Terra Firma.

In front of family, friends and spectators your instructor will perform a safe landing.

You might have just landed, but your head will still be in the clouds.

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Anatomy of a skydive

Step 1

book your jump

it all starts with an online reservation

You can book your jump on our bookingpage. There you get to pick a day and a checkin time.

Afterwards you’ll receive a confirmation email with important details and with a link to a liability waiver that you can sign online. Please sign the waiver well in advance of your arrival on your jump day.

Before you travel to the dropzone, please give us a call to inform if the weather conditions are suitable for jumping on your jump day.

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2 examples

tandemjump with blue skies

This video shows you what a tandemjump looks like on a day where is sun is out in force and there isn’t any clouds. Blue skies as we call it!

tandemjump with clouds

This video shows you what a day with clouds looks like seen from 9000 ft. Once you clear the cloud layer there’s only blue skies above. The video also demonstrates that you can wear glasses when you jump.

StEp 2

check in

paperwork first

When you arrive at the dropzone at your chosen check-in time we first get the necessary paperwork in order. You won’t need a medical but you will need a reservation (book your jump here).

Please take into account that we can only accept jumpers who’s weight (fully clothed) doesn’t exceed 105 kg. If you’re not 18 years old yet we’ll need a document stating permission by a legal guardian/ parent.

If your jump can’t take place due to bad weather you can reschedule to a date that’s within 2 years of the date of purchase.

what a jump looks like

Check out the video below to see what doing a tandem skydive jump over Zeeland is like.

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StEp 3

photos and video

Our tandem instructors can wear a special handglove that holds a camera that can take both video footage as well as take still images. 

Everything will be recorded, from when you’ve just geared-up until you’ve safely landed. Most importantly, the freefall and parachute flight will be recorded as well.

After you’ve landed we create 3 different video edits (one of the freefall, one of your entire experience, and one optimized for Facebook and Instagram) and we’ll email you a link to your personal downloadpage. This usually takes between 1 and 4 hours to complete.


If you have a reservation but without the media package; don’t worry. When you check in you’ll have the option to add this to your jump.

If you have any doubt if it’s worth it: absolutely go for it. It’s the perfect memento of what will literally be the experience of a lifetime.

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StEp 4

Planning & instruction

check-in time = not jumptime

When all the paperwork is in order it could be that you gear-up immediately and proceed to jump but if the weather isn’t suitable it could be that you’d have to wait for a bit or up to half a day. Conditions that prohibit us to jump are low clouds, rain and strong winds. 

The check-in time is exactly what the name implies; the time for you to check-in. It can differ from the time your jump takes place.

Instruction and gear-up

We’ll supply you with overalls that you can wear over the clothes you’re wearing. If the weather is nice you can even wear shorts. It is important that you wear closed shoes though. Sneakers are optimal but any shoe that is closed (no slippers) and doesn’t present a snag hazard (oldshool army boots) is fine.

We’ll explain your friends and family where we’ll land and how they can take the short drive to the landingfield to see you touch down.

zeeland at it’s best

During what most likely be the most exhilarating experience of your life you also get to enjoy amazing views of the unique Zeeland landscape. After you leave the airplane and experience freefall for about 30 seconds you’ll gently float back to earth.

StEp 5



The freefall and canopy flight over Zeeland’s Islands is mesmerizing. And don’t forget about the stark contrast between the thrilling freefall and the peaceful flight under the parachute.

It’s an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You land about 50 minutes after you took off with the airplane. The landings are almost always super soft. Friends and family can join us to the landing field on the other side of the airstrip and see your return to solid ground.

By the time we return to the dropzone we’ll have your certificate of achievement ready for you. Wan’t to jump again?

tandem skydive prices

how to book

You can book your jump on our booking page where you get to choose a day to jump and a time to check-in. You can also signup to receive photos and video of your experience, which we highly recommend.

When your booking is successfully made you’ll receive a confirmation email with important details and with a link to sign a release of liability waiver. Please fill in the waiver before your jumpday.

Tandemjump only
€ 209,-
Basic option without photo / video
Jump from 9000 ft
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Experience package
€ 344,-
Jump from 9000 ft
Photo / Video footage
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Frequently asked questions

It’s quite normal to have a few questions, most people do. The most common questions we get we’ve listed here below. There’s also a page with all frequently asked questions.

Tandem skydive

Can I jump at the same time as my friend or family member?

There is room for 5 people, one is the pilot and 4 passengers. You can book your jump together with a friend or family member and you will be sorted into the same flight.

If you are planning to come and jump with more than two people, we will try and book your flights as close together as possible. It is often possible to go to the landing area to watch each other’s landings.

Is there an age requirement to do a Tandem jump?

There is no age requirement in The Netherlands to do a Tandem jump. We do follow these guidelines to determine if we can and want to jump with someone:

Minimal age:

  • Does the passenger fit the harness properly?
  • Does the passenger know what a Tandem jump is exactly?
  • Does the passenger really want to jump?
  • Is there a parent or guardian present to sign the waiver? *

Maximum age:

  • Can the passenger lift his/her legs up for the landing?
  • Can the passenger stand a bit of rough and tumble?
  • We are not medically trained so questions about physical limitations should be directed to a doctor.

Roughly speaking you should be about 6 years old to be able to jump.

* If you are underage you will need permission from a parent or guardian. They will have to sign the waiver for you. If your parents are not present we will need an evident signed letter stating you have permission to jump.

underage jumper permission form
Do you have to follow a course to be able to jump?

You do not have to follow a course to do a Tandem jump. When you want to learn how to jump solo it will be necessary to follow a course.

To do a tandem jump we will give you a short briefing on the ground and in the airplane. So you know what to do and expect during the jump.

What do I have to bring for a Tandem jump?

If you’re 18 years or older: Nothing (or just you’re friends and family).

If you are under age, you will need permission from a parent/guardian. They will have to sign your waiver. If a parent/guardian can not be present to sign the waiver, we will need a signed letter clearly stating permission to jump.

underage jumper permission form
What height do you jump from?

The jump is from 9000 ft / 3000 meters.

Where can I leave my belongings when I am jumping?

You can leave your belongings with the people that have come to watch you. Or if you have come by yourself we can look after your stuff in the office/manifest.

Can I breathe normally in free fall?

Yes you can breathe normally during free fall. Sometimes one can find it a bit harder to breathe, often this because of stress or adrenaline.

Is it not too cold at 9000 ft?

The air temperature is a few degrees colder than on the ground. The temperature in the airplane is comfortable so don’t overdress. When the door opens you will be preoccupied with other things than the temperature.

At what speed do you fall?

Your speed will be around 180 km/h.

How long does the flight take to 9000ft?

The flight to the top is about 20 minutes. Enough time to enjoy the fabulous views of Zeeland.

How many seconds is the free fall

The free fall is about 30 seconds from 9000ft.

How long is the flight under the canopy?

After the deployment of the parachute the flight is around 4 to 5 minutes.

When the parachute opens do you go up?

No, this may seem so from the ground or when you’re a tandem passenger. But in reality you will still be travelling downwards.

Can I steer the parachute?

Sometimes your instructor will let you steer the parachute, but this is not always possible.

How hard or soft is the landing?

The parachute is flared before landing just like an airplane to make the landing as comfortable as possible

What kind of training and experience do the instructors/Tandem masters have?

A skydiver needs at least 1000 jumps before he/she can start the training to become an instructor. Before someone can start their Tandem training he/she needs to acquire experience as a junior instructor. These courses are quite intense.

The Tandem masters that work for Skydive Zeeland have between 5.000 and 20.000 jumps.

What should I wear for the Tandem skydive?

Wear clothes that can leave you to move freely. A dress or skirt is not very practical. We provide you with a jump suite that you can wear over your clothing.

The same goes for footwear. Shoes that are comfortable and closed. High heels, sandals and flip flops are not suitable for skydiving.

Where will I be landing?

The drop zone / landing area is located south east of the runway, this is just next to the airport, so we are not in the way of the rest of the air traffic

Can my friends and family watch me land?

Yes definitely, this is very nice to see. The landing area is a short drive and a few hundred meters walk. Cars can not be parked on or near the landing area, we want as little obstacles as possible when landing the parachutes.

A member of staff will explain how to get to the landing area.

Will my friends/family have enough time to get to the landing area?

Yes there is plenty of time to get to the landing area. The flight to 9000ft takes about 20 minutes, that leaves you 20 minutes to get to the landing area.

A member of staff will explain how to get to the landing area.

When will the van leave to the landing area?

The van leaves after takeoff. You will be notified on time.

Handcam footage

What is a handycam video?

The tandem instructor has a specially made glove that holds the camera, this is how the instructor films your whole jump. The video starts when you’re still on the ground, then the amazing views during the flight, the whole free fall and the flight under the canopy, ending with the landing.

Learn how you get your footage on this page.

Can I buy the handycam video on site?

Yes, you can always decide to buy the handycam video when you’re at our skydive centre.

Do many tandem passengers order the handycam video?

Yes they do. We highly recommend you get a video of your jump, especially if it is your first time! Many jumpers are excited to watch their video to re-experience the jump.

The first jump can be an overwhelming experience, there is so much adrenaline involved that watching you video after can make you relive the jump.

How will I get my handycam video?

The video shots are edited after the jump and sent via e-mail. Read how it works on the special page explaining it.

How long does it take until I get my video?

The ai creates the 3 edits automatically. This can take anywhere between 1 and 4 hours. Read how it works on the page explaining it.

Is one Handycam video enough for two tandem passengers?

Whilst filming on the ground and during the flight we can sometimes film two people. The jump is filmed by the instructor, he can only film his/her passenger.

Can I bring my own action camera?

For safety reasons it is not possible to bring your own camera equipment during a tandem jump. To be qualified to take a camera when skydiving you need at least 200 solo jumps and a B-licence.

I have lost my handycam video, now what?

We can most likely help you. We archive all our videos. Please send us an e-mail with your name and the date you jumped. We can then send you the video.

Can a cameraman/woman film my jump?

It is not possible to jump with an outside cameraman. The airplane only fits two tandems – 4 people.

Do you make photo’s too?

Yes, your experience can include images as well. This depends on what product you select.


What will the weather be like on the day of my Tandem jump?

This is a question that is very hard to answer. Predicting the weather is still very difficult unfortunately. Especially a few days in advance.

We do however have a good idea of the weather forecast. To do so we use the same sources as the people who don’t fly or jump. Below this article you will find a few useful links to the website we use.

If you call us with the question what the weather will be like, we check these websites.

On the day of your jump we ask you to call us before you leave home to enquire about the weather conditions. We try to inform you correctly about the weather expectations for that day.

Of course we try to give you a good reading so you do not have to make the journey for nothing.
With what weather is it possible to jump

Too much wind, rain or low hanging clouds are a hinderance for jumping.

If you are in doubt about the weather always contact us before you want to leave home.

How many people fit in the airplane?

There is room for 5 people, one is the pilot and 4 passengers. You can book your jump together with a friend or family member and you will be sorted into the same flight.

What is the best time of the year to jump?

The different times of the year have their advantages, there’s not really a time of year when the jumping is best. A jump is an unforgettable experience every time, also because of the different skies.

You can jump with a blue sky in the middle of summer, or with -10 above a snow-white landscape. Sometimes you can see towering clouds above the sea, a sunset or a thin layer of see-through clouds. It’s completely different every time.

Saying so in summer it’s very agreeable with a nice temperature.

Can I do a Tandem jump if I weigh more than 105 kilos?

People who are heavier than 105 kilos but no heavier than 115 kilos, can sometimes jump.

However, this is not always possible. The circumstances must be optimal, and your body must meet certain conditions too:

  • The Tandem passenger must have enough muscle mass in his or her legs. People who have big thighs/not enough muscles can find the harness is uncomfortable when flying under the parachute.
  • The Tandem passenger must lift his or her legs up for 10 seconds for the landing in a 90 degrees angle.
  • There has to be an instructor present on the day who wants to a jump with the extra physical load.

If you feel you qualify for above physical demands and want to jump, please contact us. After talking to us you can book your jump.

Can I wear my glasses or contact lenses during free fall?

Yes, that is possible, but at your own risk. When you’re in the airplane your instructor will give you goggles. If you’re wearing contact lenses they should remain in.

For people wearing glasses we have bigger goggles that fit over your glasses.

It does sometimes occur that the goggles aren’t tight enough, then you will probably lose your glasses or contact lenses.

In practice it hardly happens but we can’t guarantee this unfortunately.

What if I have fear of heights?

Fear of heights is a reason not to jump for many people, but this is not applicable with skydiving!

In the flight to 9000 ft you’re so high up in the sky that you don’t have any reference points to reference your altitude. This does not bother you on an airliner either. So, a Tandem jump is the perfect way to do something at height without feeling your acrophobia.

Do I need a medical statement to do a Tandem jump?

No, in The Netherlands you do not need a statement from a doctor to do a Tandem jump.

When you want to learn how to skydive solo you will need a medical statement.

Is parachute jumping dangerous?

A Tandem jump is relatively safe. The car journey to the airport is way more dangerous.

Is Skydive Zeeland affiliated to a national organization?

Skydive Zeeland is affiliated to the Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Luchtvaart (KNVvL).

Can I bring my dog to the drop zone?

Dogs are welcome at our drop zone. Most probably there will be other dogs present.

Here are some obvious regulations we would like you to follow:

  • The dog has to be on a leash at all times, no exceptions.
  • The dog has to be under supervision of its owner.
  • Any mishaps should be cleaned up.
Are there facilities present to have a drink or something to eat?

We have a simple club bar where you can order a drink or a bag of crisps.

100 meters further along is the new airport restaurant, Vliegveld Restaurant Midden Zeeland. They have a fully served terrace where they serve lunch and dinner.

How many jumps do you do in a day?

That varies every day, in high season we sometimes do more than 30 jumps on a day. On quite days we do just a few.

Can I watch how they pack the parachutes?

Yes of course, this is very interesting to watch.

All the parachutes are re-packed into the container after a jump. This is an accurate job, so we ask our guests to keep off the packing mat where the parachute are lying and to not touch the parachutes.