Skydive zeeland

Skydive Zeeland: a Parachute jump with a view

The unique combination of land, sea and inland waters makes a jump above Zeeland one of a kind. You can definitely speak of “a jump with a view”! The best way to experience this view is by doing a Tandem Jump from 9000ft.

Accompanied by an experienced Tandem Instructor you will make the jump of a lifetime. Skydive Zeeland’s staff characterize themselves with a personal approach, so you can relax and experience your jump to the fullest.
We hope to see you soon at Skydive Zeeland!

The Tandem Jump

A Tandem jump is the ideal way to experience skydiving. You don’t have to do anything, just bring a bit of courage and motivation and you’re set!

During the briefing one of the Tandem instructors instructs you on what to do and what to expect.

Then it’s time to board the airplane to fly to 9000 feet / 3 kilometers. Once you have arrived there your instructor connects your harnesses to each other. 

A few minutes later the door opens and you jump!

You and your Tandemmaster Freefall at a rate of 200 kilometers an hour… and after about 30 seconds your canopy opens. 

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